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Speechmark vous accompagne avec les meilleures formations inspirées des techniques anglo-américaines.

Qui sommes nous ?

Témoignages clients

Speechmark's contribution to the Airliquide project was invaluable. Helping prepare and carry out the interview with the chairman of Airliquide America. Preparing, and leading the conf-call workshop with 16 people from around the world and the subsequent rendition of the session was key to nourishing our reflection into revamping the Air Liquide website constellation. All this done with good humour and fun.

François Vaillant, Consultant Havas

What is unique with you is that you combine teaching language and improving our capabilities to present. You have the intelligence of the presentation even if you don’t know the subject.

Corinne Pessus, CEO MEDIACOM

Nos intervenants

We started Speechmark in 1996 and I’ve been training people, facilitating projects, consulting in companies and riding my bicycle around Paris for more than 30 years. I love it all!


I’m a senior Training Facilitator with Speechmark and I want to use fun and innovative improvisation techniques to help you build the tools for effective Design Thinking.


I use my background in sociology and anthropology to create interactive trainings. After discovering Design Thinking while studying at Stanford, today I love seeing how it can help people develop creative strategies in a variety of contexts!


I design and oversee our training programmes to ensure clients and staff acquire the right skill-set to succeed in the digital economy. I’m currently exploring how Ed Tech could enhance the learning experience.


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